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John Lane

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Thanks for visiting!  We provide dependable stump grinding services throughout the Carolina foothills, from Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC and areas between.  We’re stump specialists, working closely with homeowners, landscape contractors and tree services to quickly restore your landscape.

Stump Grinding Hendersonville, NC


We use the latest remote controlled stump grinding system for great speed, visibility and safety while working in your landscape.  We’ll carefully grind your stump and surface roots well below grade and leave your project in a hand raked condition.  We’re an owner operated company, fully insured and happy to provide a free estimate for your project.

Stump Grinding Landrum, SC


As a Landscape Architect and contractor with a 30 year history in the design and construction of outdoor projects, my focus now is to provide very responsive stump removal services.  If you’ve lost a tree, stump grinding is the least costly and safest way to remove your tree stump.  Please give us a call with questions.

John Lane


Why Stump Grinding?

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Professional stump grinding is the safest and least costly way to remove your tree stump for a new tree or other planting.  If left to rot, your stump could attract destructive pests such as termites, carpenter ants or fungi and these problems can spread to other healthy trees in your landscape.

What is your service area?

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We're located in Columbus, NC, midway between Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC, so we can easily service these communities and all areas between. 

What is the cost for Stump Removal?

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We’ll be happy to provide a quick estimate over the phone or by text or email.  We'll need the number of stumps and approximate width at the ground level (including the root flare).  If you have a larger project, we'll be happy to stop by and can include a quantity discount.  The estimate will include grinding the stump 8-12” below grade, however we can go as deep as 21”. 

Please call, email or text and we’ll contact you asap.  We will be competitive with every professional service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

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We accept Cash, Personal Check, all Major Credit Cards and Venmo.  If you prefer, we can email an invoice at the completion of your project.  This will allow you to pay online by credit card with our secure payment processor, Square.  There is no need to be present at the time of service.

Will there be excess wood chips remaining?

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Most stump grinding projects will create excess wood chips and pulverized soil.   Our goal is to leave your site neat with a hand raked mound of chips over the area of work.  We typically do not remove the excess mulch;  however, we may be able to help you with this at an additional cost.

Note that underground tree roots and wood debris will decompose and settle over time.  If graded flat immediately, you will have a depression in the future.  Leaving a mound will lessen the need for new soil later.

Can I plant a new tree in the same location?

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Normally with a larger stump, we would recommend grinding 8” below grade and then plant your new tree nearby.  This will lower your cost and give your new tree a safe start.  However, our machine does have the ability to grind deeply below grade to allow for a new tree in the same location, if desired.

Can you provide a certificate of insurance?

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Yes.  We have a local insurance agent and can provide a Certificate of Insurance if needed.

Do you guarantee your work?

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Yes, certainly!  We will try very hard to complete your project as requested.  If you feel we’ve missed an area, please let us know and we’ll promptly return.  

Do you guarantee your work?

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Yes, certainly!  We will try very hard to complete your project as requested.  If you feel we’ve missed an area, please let us know and we’ll promptly return.  

Do I need to call 811 to locate utilities?

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If required, we will notify the local 811 service of our plans to work on your site.  The location service will require several days notice to mark your property.  If you have a remote site or you're familiar with your utility locations, this may not always be necessary.

How do I schedule my project?

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Please call, text or email and we will schedule your project as quickly as possible.  We can often provide same day service or within 3 days, if utility marking is required.

Ray from Spartanburg, SC

John was competitive with his price, had excellent communication, arrived on time and did an excellent job grinding the stump and leaving the area nice and tidy. An absolute professional and friendly as well.

Bill from Laurel Park, NC

I was very impressed with the work ethic, professionalism and friendliness of John.  We would highly recommend his service!  Thanks John!

Betty from Moore, SC

I would definitely recommend Lane Outdoor.  The price was reasonable and the equipment was state of the art.  Great job!

Ben from Saluda, NC

I don’t exaggerate in reviews, but this was a top drawer experience in every way.

Elizabeth from Travellers Rest, SC

One of the best Tree Service company I ever used, John Lane was the most professional!!

Jack from Mauldin, SC

Excellent!  We highly recommend them!!!

Roger from Chesnee, SC

... Mr. Lane explained the machine, used guard shields around the grinding area to prevent flying debris from hitting anything.  Very conscious of his surroundings and practiced safety precautions at all times.  GREAT JOB!

Jim from Saluda, NC

Best experience I’ve had from ANY contractor!!  Highly the Corps, I’d finish the comments with promote ahead of peers...

Bob from Landrum, SC

Lane did a great job of removing our stump in the backyard.  From the first contact to the finished job, the job was done quickly and met my satisfaction.

Doug from Hendersonville, NC

Great communication scheduling the work. Easy online invoicing. Professional and personable. Definitely would recommend!

Corina from Spartanburg, SC

Gracias Gracias estamos feliz Del trabajo que realizó

Charlotte from Gaffney, SC

I contacted Lane outdoor for a stump removal. John answered all of my questions and gave us fair prices for the options. The work was completed quickly, professionally and neatly. I would highly recommend.

Susan from Landrum, SC

I would definitely recommend Lane Outdoor. He was here when he said he would be and has state of the art equipment. Job well done and very professional!

Before:  Spartanburg, SC

After:  Spartanburg, SC

Before:  Asheville, NC

After:  Asheville, NC

Before:  Landrum, SC

After:  Landrum, SC

Before:  Spartanburg, SC

During:  Spartanburg, SC

During:  Spartanburg, SC

After:  Spartanburg, SC

Before:  Gaffney, SC

After:  Gaffney, SC

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