We’re stump grinding specialists.  We use a new, remote controlled, Rayco RG80 stump grinder, which is a mid-sized, wheeled unit.  This is important because the lighter weight allows us to travel through residential lawns without turf damage, yet still have the power to remove stumps quickly.  With an 85hp gas engine, our stump grinder is quiet and without diesel exhaust fumes.  The safety of this system is excellent with remote control operation.  Using the remote, we’re able to work from a safe distance - away from dust and debris and we’re also free to relocate for a better view of the work.


The hydraulically powered cutter wheel cuts the stump in small increments, creating a fine mulch which is a great material for a natural area or as garden compost.  Depending on your needs, the stump is ground a minimum of 8” below grade to allow for new lawn seed or we can grind up to 20” below grade to allow for a new tree planting.  We recycle the stump to a useful material that can be easily relocated in the landscape.  We’re not equipped to remove extensive amounts of mulch, so we recommend that you work with a landscape company, if you prefer to not keep the material.